Zante Medical Care Staff


All our partners undergo a rigorous selection process taking into consideration medical knowledge and skills, prior working experience and dedication to patient needs.

Zante Medical Care

Medical Department

  • Dimitrios Xanthopoulos, MD, MSc – Managing Director, Scientific Supervisor
  • Dimitrios Matthioudakis, MD, MSc – Medical Personnel Supervisor, Scientific Coordinator
  • Dimitrios Bazos, MD – Orthopaedic & Trauma Surgeon, Medical Acupuncture
  • Alexandra Gritzapi MS-MSC Gynaecologist Obstetrician Surgeon
  • Maria Tsoury MD Pulmonologist
  • Haris Kohliadis MD Endocrinologist
  • Eleni Plessa, MD – Quality Assurance Supervisor
  • Nektaria Tsatsou, Nursing Personnel Supervisor
  • Antonia Kakoliri Nursing Personnel


  • Magda Theodosi, Medical Center Administrative Personnel, Reception

Claim Department

  • Ioannis Papadopoulos, Medical Claims Supervisor
  • Panos Paleothodoros, Network Manager, Quality Manager
  • George Totas, Medical Claims Coordinator

Billing Department

  • Dionisios Kapsampelis, Billing Department Coordinator
  • Theodoros Xanthopoulos, Billing Department Assistant
  • Alexandra Roumantza, Billing Department Assistant

Marketing Department

  • Dimitrios Angelou, Marketing Manager, Medical Claims Assistant
  • Kostas Karakostadopoulos Marketing Assistant

Medical Imaging & Diagnostic Center

Medical Department

  • Stavroula Kaza, MD Radiologist- Scientific Coordinator
  • Zoi Skiadopoulou, MD Radiologist

Operators Department

  • Katerina Pantazi, Medical Imaging Operator
  • Dionisios Tsoukalas, Medical Imaging Operator
  • Margarita Georgiou, Medical Imaging Operatorr


  • Katerina Antiohou, Medical Imaging & Diagnostic Center Administrative Personnel, Reception
  • Maria Kladi Medical Imaging & Diagnostic Center Administrative Personnel, Reception
  • Eva Harvali Medical Imaging & Diagnostic Center Administrative Personnel, Reception


24/7 accident and emergency on-site
response medical team.
24 hour emergency number :

+30 6984 26 31 72